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The Entire World of R  Playing Card System
The Entire World of R
Playing Card System
SKU: EWR-020 Price: $209.99

The complete The Entire World of Rô Playing Card System!

The best value and most complete system in one combination. Contains both the new 8-Deck Set and the Say & Sequence Playing Cards.

All vocalic variations of the /r/ phoneme:

AR - arch, art, Archie

AIR - Arizona, Erin, heiress

EAR - ear muffs, earring, Erie

ER - earth, herb, Ernie

IRE - Ireland, iron, ire

OR - organ, Oreo, organize

Also includes:

Prevocalic R - rain, run, ribbon  [with /w/ minimal pairs]

RL - pearl, barrel, whirl   

R Blends - pretzel, shrub, green

Plus includes a 55 card deck of "bridge" words (prepositions, verbs, pronouns, opposites) to make phrases, sentences and stories.

Include a handy plastic carry-case with handle.

15 card decks. Each deck has 27 pairs. 810 cards total! 

This systems is designed to flex with the demands of the busy clinician and provides virtually unlimited /r/ remediation activities. Treats all vocalic /r/, vowel-r and r-controlled vowel articulation disorders. Suggested activities for /r/ range from single word drills, phrase and sentence formulation, story creation, to games such as Memory and Go Fish.

The bridge cards adds a unique dynamic to the whole system. The "bridges" are the common connecting words that enable sentence creation. The deck includes common verbs, prepositions, opposites, and pronouns. These bridge cards are ideal for language therapy, sentence formulation, or teaching correct grammar. 

Each card deck is uniformly organized with nine (9) words each for initial, medial and final word positions. The six Say & Sequence card decks are specifically designed for easy sentence creation with three of the nine words are subjects, three words are objects or activities and three words are locations or places. 

The Prevocalic R deck contains nine initial /r/ words and the corresponding /w/ minimal pair words. [ring/wing, red/wed, rest/west, etc.]

All cards are color-coded and patterned for easy identification and fast clean-up. A card with a complete word list is also included for each deck. Great for working with groups, even for students working on different sounds and other disorders (language, phonology, etc.) 

Appropriate for ages 4 through adulthood. The complete 810-card set contains individual card deck boxes for each phoneme and a sturdy plastic storage box for the complete system. Instruction sheets and suggestions for use are also included. Note: This combination replaces our popular 21 Deck Set but is offered at a significant 60% discount.

This is the most complete /r/ card remediation system ever developed. Youíll love the ease of use. Working in groups and clean-up is a breeze with easy identification of each card by color-coding and patterns. Your students will love the colorful cards and the flexibility to make-up  funny sentences, which means motivated and improving students.