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The Entire World of L Book of Stories
The Entire World of L Book of Stories SKU: EWL-002 Price: $49.99

The Entire World of L™ Book of Stories, by Shelia McGovern, contains 28 stories for the difficult /l/ phoneme.


The phoneme /l/ is one of the more frequently misarticulated phonemes.  Part of the difficulty articulating /l/ is its gliding nature; the /l/ is often substituted for /y/, /w/, or /r/.  Additionally, for non-native English speakers, the /l/ phoneme is not present in their native language making acquisition of /l/ a challenge.

This book contains advanced level remediation exercises for all word positions of /l/, initial, medial, final and mixed. Like our The Entire World of R™ and S & Z™ Book of Stories, the stories in this book are all /l/ pure. Only the target /l/ word positions appears in each story.  A cute colorable illustration accompanies each story.  Target words are underlined and bolded for easy identification. Comprehension questions (also good for language students) follow each story which will contain the target sound in the question, answer or both.