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The Entire World of S & Z Idioms (Digital Download)
The Entire World of
S & Z Idioms
(Digital Download)
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This is a digital download only*. 

Are you at wit’s end with practicing /s & z/?  Don’t call it quits.  Kill two birds with one stone by practicing /s & z/ AND learning common idioms at the same time.

Over 200 idioms, each containing a /s/ or /z/ sound for practicing frontal and lateral lisps, is found in this single volume practice book. 

Complements The Entire World of S & Z lisp remediation strategy. It includes sections for /ts/; initial, medial, final, and recurrent /s/; initial, medial, final, and recurrent /z/; initial /s/ blends; final /s/ blends; voiced and unvoiced plurals; and mixed words.

Each section includes exercises for Idiom Definitions, True/False, Matching, Alphabetize and Fill-In. All exercises will test idiom comprehension and practice /s/ or /z/ articulation. All activities can be used singularly for learning idioms or for practicing /s/ or /z/.

Designed for middle-school, high-school and ESL students, it is age-appropriate for students eight and up.

226 Pages.  Ages 8 to adult.

This download is a 3.4 MB file in PDF format. It requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to access.  A free copy of Adobe Acrobat can be found by clicking on the icon.

*If you want the hardcopy version of the book, which includes a digital download click here.