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The Entire World of SH and CH Instructional Workbook (Digital Download)
The Entire World of SH and CH Instructional Workbook (Digital Download) SKU: EWSH-001D Price: $99.99

The most complete resource for affricates and fricatives!

An easy-to-follow evaluation protocol is designed to help organize your therapy and approach toward treatment. Coupled with specific exercises to implement your remediation strategy, we hope you will find this the most comprehensive resource covering the four sibilant sounds: /sh/, /ch/, /dz/ and /zh/.

The 200+ page book includes a screening form, treatment strategy, case studies, graduation certificate and lots of exercises.  Each of the four main sounds has it's own chapter and includes approximate phonemic production zone assist exercises. These targeted exercises utilize producible sounds, such as employing /t/ in combination with /sh/ to produce /ch/ (e.g. nut shell becomes nutchell). Building upon success with related phonemes leads to success producing other phonemes. 

Each section, like our other Instructional Workbooks, includes tactile and visual worksheets as well as single word, phrase and sentence worksheets for each word position (initial, medial and final). Since the target remediation audience for affricates and fricatives is younger than for other sounds, the exercises are geared for a younger audience. The pictures of the target words are enlarged and colorable. There are even templates for students to cut out pictures and make "books" of their target words. This is intended to increase tactile and visual learning opportunities. Additionally, we’ve included more fun worksheets to help keep your students motivated for speech.