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Vocalic R Reproducible Bingo
Vocalic R Reproducible Bingo SKU: SC-009 Price: $34.99

Did someone say, "B-I-N-G-O?" Includes reproducible bingo game cards and calling cards targeting the major /r/ allophones (prevocalic /r/, vocalic ar, or, ire, air, ear, stressed er, unstressed er, and rl); Contains a convenient screening form, common bingo patterns, certificates, tracking chart. Four scented, washable, non-toxic, long-lasting paint daubers/ink markers in a handy plastic carrying case sold separately.

Bingo game cards have each /r/ allophone separated by word position (initial, medial, final, and mixed). Six (6) different bingo game cards per sound and per position. The bingo calling cards contain the therapy target at the single word, simple phrase, and sentence levels, allowing therapy to take place at multiple levels using the same bingo card. 228 pages. Ages 5-12.