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DOT Vocalic R
DOT Vocalic R SKU: SC-007 Price: $34.99

Are you looking for a research-based way to remediate prevocalic /r/ and the vocalic variations of /r/? Let your students "dot" their way to better articulation with these wonderful /r/ game sheets! Complements The Entire World of R™ phonetically consistent methodology. Each student gets a game sheet targeting his/her sound and an ink dauber, then dotting each dot as he/she practices the target sound. Age 5 and up. Includes:

• Reproducible worksheets targeting each of the 8 /r/ allophones (prevocalic /r/, vocalic ar, or, ire, air, ear, stressed & unstressed er, and rl) separately by word position.

• Multiple games sheets targeting the specific /r/ sound in words, phrases, sentences, and reading passages.

Contains a convenient screening form, certificates, tracking chart. Four scented, washable, non-toxic, long-lasting paint ink daubers sold separately.