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The Entire World of . . . Idioms series includes both articulation and language practice for all word positions of /r/, /s/, and /l/ phonemes. Separate sections for each word position (initial-medial-final) are included in each book. 

Over 450 different idioms (figurative language) are presented in these three titles: 

The Entire World of L Idioms 

The Entire World of R Idioms

The Entire World of S & Z Idioms 

Each section includes different exercises such as Idiom Definitions, True/False, Matching, Alphabetize and Fill-In. 

All exercises test idiom comprehension and practice the target sound articulation. Activities can be used singularly for either learning idioms or for practicing articulation of the target sound, or both. 

Designed for middle-school, high-school, and ESL students, it is age-appropriate for students 8 and up.

Each book includes convenient download and print capability for easy reproduction of worksheets.