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R Carry Over Program  Contains: EWR-036 EWR-034 EWR-056 EWR-057
R Carry Over Program
Contains: EWR-036 EWR-034 EWR-056 EWR-057
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The Entire World of R Curriculum Book

The Entire World of R Curriculum Book

This is the /r/ resource that you’ve been searching for. Packed with /r/ activities in an easy-to-use, age-appropriate format that is aligned to state academic curriculum standards, this book is certain to become one of your most used resources for /r/ remediation. Backed by exhaustive research, the proven techniques and methodologies presented are the foundation for any evidence-based practice.

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Artic Attack and Other R Games

Artic Attack and Other R Games

Motivating activities for to address vocalic /r/ articulation errors. Follows The Entire World of R™ methodology in that all /r/ allophones [ar, air, ear, er, ire, or] are addressed separately including /r/ blends, /rl/ and prevocalic /r/. All sections are further divided by initial, medial and final word positions.

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Big Book of R Carry-Over Stories

Big Book of R Carry-Over Stories

This book provides an advanced level articulation tool for dealing with the difficult /r/ phoneme. The Big Book of R Carry-Over Stories focuses on reading, structured conversation and conversational speech level activities for all 8 variations of the /r/ phoneme for all three word positions--initial, medial, and final. This book is based on the 8 variations of /r/, the basic foundation for the /r/ phoneme. It is the companion to The Entire World of R™ Book of Stories.

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Solve Then Say R

Solve then Say R

Great /r/ carryover practice for middle and high school students! Over 270 pages packed with /r/ phoneme specific exercises. This books follows The Entire World of R™ phonetically consistent strategy. 

Includes multiple activity/homework sheets for Match and Say, Fill-in-the Blank, The Name Game, Scrambled Sentences and Word Find exercises for these sounds: 

  • - All vocalic /r/'s including [ar, air, ear, er, ire, and or]
  • - Medial/final /rl/
  • - Prevocalic /r/
  • - Initial /r/ blends
  • - Recurrent /r/ (multiple /r/'s in a word)
  • - Mixed /r/ 
Written specifically for older students working on correct pronunciation of the /r/ sound. Appropriate for ages 8 and up. 


Price: $39.99
Weave a Sound Word Web

Weave a Sound Word Web

Ideal practice resource for articulation stabilization, articulation carryover, and language remediation practice. The 66 word web puzzles, one for each specific sound and blend, are fun and motivating. Your students will love them! Not just a practice book, there are also 44 pages packed with suggestions, activities and reproducible teaching aids for instructors to augment, modify and expand upon the word web practice activities.

Price: $19.99