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Practice Book for Older Students: Book 4 (Digital Download)
Practice Book for Older Students: Book 4 (Digital Download) SKU: EWR-304D Price: $63.99

  • A 162-page book with practice for Prevocalic /r/, Vocalic R (AR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE, & OR), R blends, R blends, Recurrent R, and Mixed R.
  • Includes Fill-in-the-Blank Statements, Matching Words and Definitions, & True or False Statements.
  • Great for homework or practice while waiting for a turn in small group intervention!

A Note From the Authors:

This book was written with students in grade 3 and older in mind. The Entire World of R Practice Book for Older Students: Book 3 provides more opportunities for production practice that focus on the /r/ sound in multiple allophones and word positions. After completing these activities, your students will have a better command of the /r/ sound and will have increased their vocabulary and knowledge by completing academic-related activities. It is our hope that your students will find the activities interesting and motivating at the same time they are practicing their productions of /r/. We hope you and your students enjoy this book as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Sheila McGovern, M.A., CCC-SLP, and Christine Ristuccia, M.S., CCC-SLP