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The Entire World of R Playing Cards - 8 Deck Set
The Entire World of R
Playing Cards - 8 Deck Set
SKU: EWR-010 Price: $124.99

The most comprehensive set of vocalic /r/ cards available, anywhere!

All allophonic variations of the difficult /r/ phoneme are included.

Contains eight decks of 27 paired cards (54 cards total) for all vocalic variations of /r/, including:

AR, AIR, EAR, ER, IRE, OR, Prevocalic R, RL, and R Blends.

Each deck is divided evenly with nine cards for each word position (initial, medial, and final) (except for R Blends). The Prevocalic R deck contains /w/ minimal pair words for practicing and correcting /w/ for /r/ substitution.

Complements The Entire World of R Say & Sequence Playing Card System. Expand your practice words with a completely new set of words to keep your kids motivated. All are phonetically consistent. Group work is easy with quick identification of each card by color-coding and patterns. Storage box and instructions are included. 432 cards total. Ages 4 and up.