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Working With Self Contained and Adaptive Students (Digital Download)
Working With Self Contained and Adaptive Students (Digital Download) SKU: WSC-033D Price: $45.99
Working in the school-based setting with self-contained students can be a challenging task for speech-language pathologists without guidance and experience. After receiving feedback from other SLP's and self-reflection, was the lack of knowledge and education expertise in working with this population in a self-contained at the elementary and middle school level. This seminar offers a10-step process/framework that speech-language pathologist can utilize as they organize and prepare to work in the self-contained setting with speech students, school team members (classroom teachers, para-professionals and parents). There are many layers of knowledge and expertise that go into implementation of intervention strategies and techniques. The goal of intervention with students in the self-contained setting is to tailor speech and language therapy appropriate to the self-contained setting in which you are working with. Additionally, to establish rapport with students, teacher, paraprofessionals and parents in order to gain trust so that you can form a collaborative relationship needed to work with students. Effectively working on receptive, inference, pragmatic and reasoning to support academic learning are essential skills needed to provide speech and language support and intervention in an evidenced based way in working with these students.