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Learn With Yoga Combination  Contains: ABC-001 ABC-003
Learn With Yoga Combination
Contains: ABC-001 ABC-003
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Save money with this money saving combination. Includes both the Learn With Yoga: ABC Yoga Cards for Kids and the companion Instructor Guide.

Yoga is a sophisticated system for attaining radiant physical health, excellent mental clarity and equanimity. Yoga is great for kids!  Yogic practice is an wonderful medium to combine physically calming exercises while opening a channel for better learning and retention.  

Yoga will make your students (and your own children) calmer, more receptive to learning and more engaged in the learning process. Yoga is a learning multiplier! 

This 80 page book is perfect to get started using yogic techniques in your school, classroom, yoga class or at home. The book contains all you need to know to get started. No experience with yoga is necessary. The instructor guide contains a wealth of easy to follow information on how to use yoga to enhance learning in pre-literacy skills (such as phonemic awareness, syllable segmentation and rhyming) and language development skills (such as wh questions, oppositional concepts, categorization and attributes).

The Instructor Guide covers a broad range of topics including how to set goals, how to group children by appropriate ages, improve motor skill development, and build speech and language skills. There are sections on working with different age groups such as toddlers, preschool and older children. Click here to see a sample page, click here.

Included as well are a wealth of activity ideas such as creating mnemonics, math concepts, spelling, rhyming and developing themes (such as going to the zoo or the farm).

A chapter on "Posture Basics" details the basics on different type of yoga poses (such as sitting, standing and balancing). Included are suggestions on how to modify all the exercises so they can be done in a chair (crowded classroom?)

Another chapter presents how to get the most out of each pose and how to sequence poses together. You'll find out how to select poses to obtain certain outcomes in children, such as calming, energizing or stimulating their creativity.

The final chapter offers specific suggestions in a basic "recipe" format for different situations, such as "one minute quick break ideas," "five minute breaks,"  "20 minute short sets," "three minute calming break," and a five minute time out." 

Yoga is wonderful to remediate language disorders, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), fluency, ADD, ADHD and other learning disorders and delays.   

Not sure why you should consider yoga?  Here are  "25 Reasons Why Yoga and Speech-Language Pathology Go Together."

Ages 2 and up.

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