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Yoga for Small Spaces
Yoga for Small Spaces SKU: YSS-001 Price: $59.99

Standing, sitting and chair yoga for offices, schools and planes! 

Incorporate yogic movement into your classroom, therapy room, or home. Get your kids moving and you'll get them ready, receptive and more retentive to learning.

This set of 52 yoga exercises is designed specifically for constricted spaces such as classrooms and office spaces. All the exercises can be done sitting or standing, so you don't need large areas with lots of floor space, nor a whole bunch of yoga mats. You can even do yoga at your desk or cubicle! Sitting and standing exercises are also excellent exercise choices, if the participant is restricted in movement due to injury or physical condition. Great for seniors as well as children.  

Best of all: No experience with yoga is necessary. Each of the 52 yoga postures come with specific directions on how to properly conduct the exercise. All exercise directions are alignment-based, so the directions are detailed and precise enough to provide instruction to properly do the exercises. All the cards are in large format (5″ x 7″) for easy handling and reference.  Each posture comes with: 

  • Large colorful illustration showing the pose

  • Key alignment principle of the pose

  • Specific verbal cues to do the exercise

  • Benefits of the posture

  • Modifications to increase or decrease the complexity of the pose, or modify it for a chair or standing. 

  • Skill level and purpose (warm-up, basic, advanced, energizing) of the exercise  

  • Positive affirmation associated with the pose

Each card is also color-coded for desired outcomes such as: Grounding, Creativity, Inner-strength, Tolerance, Communication and Problem solving.

Research shows that learning is significantly enhanced when movement is a part of the activity. Movement engages the senses and stimulates brain activity. The more the senses are engaged, the more learning occurs, and the information learned is better retained. Since yoga engages the body in the broadest range of movements, it is one of the most ideal disciplines to affect productive learning. As an individualistic and non-competitive exercise, yoga, unlike many other games and sports for children, allows all individuals the opportunity to participate. Participation in yoga has a variety of benefits for children including:

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Increases physical flexibility (required by all sports)
  • Raises awareness of the importance of good health and posture
  • Promotes effective techniques (such as breathing) for managing stress.  

Educators, including specialists, can use Yoga for Small Spaces to integrate yogic movements within their educational curricula. The cards facilitate a wide range of movements and can be applied to a broad set of associated learning goals, including vocabulary development, phonemic awareness, basic concepts, sequencing skills, comprehension, and direction following. Click here to read "25 Reasons Why Yoga and Speech-Language Pathology Go Together"

Use the cards/exercises as a: 

  • Quick pick-me-ups, when you need an energizing exercise
  • Stretch to reduce repetitive-stress injury, such as long sessions at a computer
  • Classroom transition between subjects
  • Pre-therapy warm-up to reduce anxiety by triggering relaxation response. 
  • Physical fitness activity such a rainy day recess or gym class

For FREE sample cards (for print out) select a yoga pose below: 

Wood Chopper   Washing Machine Lion

Illustrated instructions and sturdy carry-case are included. Ages 3 and up. 



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