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5-Minute Therapy Series Complete ProgramContains: FMK-001 FMK-002 FMK-003 FMK-004 FMK-005 FMK-006 FMK-007
5-Minute Therapy Series Complete Program
Contains: FMK-001 FMK-002 FMK-003
FMK-004 FMK-005 FMK-006 FMK-007
SKU: FMK-008 Price: $141.00


The 5-Minute Kids™ program is a creative, effective service delivery model for students working on articulation skills. Very often in traditional pull-out group therapy, students in the group alternate during the sessions between actively working on sounds with the SLP and passively waiting while others receive the direct instruction and practice.

5-Minute Kids™ is a clear, step-by-step program developed by a speech language pathologist to help children with speech sound disorders. The intent of this program is to minimize the amount of time that a child spends out of the classroom, and to improve the quality of time that the child spends working on individual speech sounds in therapy.

The complete program contains the program manual and all six therapy series books Includes the program manual and all 6 therapy series books (R, S/Z, L, SH/CH, K/G, F,V, TH). Save money with this combination.

Word bank lists in each book are in initial-medial-final and blend formats. Reading lists are presented at word, phrase and sentence level. Includes data sheets, homework activities, games and much more.  90+ pages.  

Grades: Pre-K and up.



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